How to Distinguish a True Christian from a Hypocrite


How to Distinguish a True Christian from a Hypocrite Distinguish : How can you tell whether you’re a genuine believer or a false professor? One of the best books describing the true nature of conversion is The Christian’s Great Interest by William Guthrie. The great Puritan theologian John Owen highly commended it and wrote, “The author [of The Christian’s Great Interest] I take to have been one of the greatest divines that ever wrote; it is my Vade-mecum [that is, “handbook”], and I carry it and the Sedan New Testament,…

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God’s Attributes The True Measure of Fine Art


God’s Attributes The True Measure of Fine Art Before the world was digitized and messaging was made instant via the ubiquity of supercomputers carried in each person’s pocket or purse, written communication was facilitated by means of mail delivered by the postal service. Specifically, a writer would place his or her message into an envelope and then entrust its delivery to a group of people who never (well, rarely) failed, even in the face of rain, sleet, or snow. The delivery process could be as short as a single night…

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Which Is the True Gospel?


Jesus commanded, “Repent you, and believe the gospel” (Mark 1:15). But exactly what is it that we—YOU—are supposed to believe? Just what is the true gospel? Do you know? Are you certain? Be careful of assumptions. For instance, did Christ teach the same gospel that Paul preached to the gentiles? And what does the word “gospel” mean anyway?The vast majority of professing Christians do not know the vital—all-important—answers to these most basic questions, and many others related to the true gospel of the Bible! This is because the knowledge of…

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I am the True Vine

When Jesus says that He is the vine and His people are His branches, we understand that He is speaking in figurative language again. Jesus is not literally a vine with branches coming off Him and fruit hanging on Him, any more than that He is literally bread or a door. Rather, Jesus is drawing a figure that was very familiar to these Jewish disciples, familiar because vines were a common part of the landscape and of the farming of that day. There were many vineyards in Judea. The disciples…

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Does Your Marriage Need a Tune-Up?

Most couples enter marriage with engines revved up, but sooner or later find their relationship “missing” on one or two cylinders. Their once smooth-running machine begins to knock and sputter. Boredom sets in, passion wanes, criticism and conflict become more frequent. If the warning lights have you gripping the wheel, don’t panic. They may not indicate major trouble, but simply telling you what needs attention.These are normal responses to the challenges of everyday marriage and it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on the verge of a breakdown. But these kinds of feelings…

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Too good to be true?

You may have heard it said that religion only survives because people desperately want it to be true, because they can’t come to terms with their own mortality (or that of loved ones). It was Sigmund Freud who helped to popularize this idea, as he suggested that the concept of a loving Creator was simply a psychological projection of a person’s innermost wishes:“We tell ourselves that it would be very nice if there was a God who created the world and was a benevolent Providence and if there were a…

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The True, the Good, and the Beautiful Christian

The very idea of beauty makes many sophisticates cringe nowadays. It seems utterly out of touch with postmodern ambiguity, since the notion of beauty implies absolute standards widely agreed upon that address an objective reality: “That is beautiful.” Even the Encyclopaedia Britannica (not renowned for its postmodern skepticism) affirms that “almost anything might be seen as beautiful by someone or from some point of view.”Yet, despite the difficulty of defining beauty, the concept nonetheless is making a comeback. And it is doing so in at least two realms we normally…

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