FIELD:Electrons are both waves and particles? One minute they act like a particle, and the next minute they act like a wave? At  the  time,  no  one  could  really  believe  any  of  this  was  actually  true.  Something must be wrong, they thought…. So  the  scientists  modified  the  experiment  to  “watch”  (with  a  measuring  device)  a single  electron  as  it  went  through  the  double  slits  to  see  if  it  really  acted  like  a  wave instead of a particle. However, the moment they observed the electron, an even stranger thing happened. They…

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LIBRARY:There  are three  other  doors in  the back  of the movie  theater  I haven’t mentioned. One has a sign saying, “Men’s Room;” another says “Ladies Room;” and above the third door is a sign saying, “Library,” and that door is never closed. In between groups, or as I began to realize the particular group I belonged to at the time wasn’t going to produce what they were offering and my membership was coming to an end, I would go into this Library and read, looking for new inspiration and hope.…

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