CHAPTER 23 OTHER PEOPLE Back to the Table of Contents PEOPLE:Question: If we don’t share one big common hologram, how can you and I go out at night  and  see  the  same  stars,  or  watch  the  same  movie,  or  see  the  same  people?  How could  someone  else  agree  with  me  so  much  on  what  we  call  “reality”  unless  we  were actually seeing the same thing? Answer: Before we talk about whether you and “someone else” are seeing the same reality, I have to find out who you think this “someone…

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Is Gay Marriage Destroying the United Methodist Church?


Update (June 13): Nearly 90 Methodist conservatives have signed a response to the unity proposal by prominent pastor Adam Hamilton and other progressives, claiming it “will only extend, localize and exacerbate the acrimonious debate over the issue. “”Irreconcilable” disagreement over same-sex unions is once again prompting debate over splitting the historic United Methodist Church (UMC), one of America’s largest denominations.”If we are one church, we cannot act as if we are two. If, in reality, we are two churches, it may not be wise to pretend any longer that we…

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