breakout:As I walked out of the Library into the back of the movie theater again, I looked up at  the black  ball  hanging  from the  center  of the ceiling  with its  bright lights  streaming toward the wrap-around IMAX screens. Finally, I knew with certainty what the ball was. It was projecting the images of the 3D movies onto the screens, creating the holograms we are all part of, totally immersing us, making them appear to be our lives, our reality. In fact, Pribram said that black ball was a human…

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Does the Bible teach a secret rapture?


Does the Bible teach a secret rapture?There has been a great deal of interest in end time events based on the Left Behind series of books and movies. What does the Bible teach about the rapture? Millions have read the Left Behind books, which are based on a secret rapture. According to the most common version of the rapture theory, Christ will approach the earth (but not return all the way down to it), to secretly seize believers seven years before His actual return. Does the Bible teach this? The…

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Watching Movies to the Glory of God

Our God is a storytelling God.  Much of the Bible is narrative, and a lot of that narrative is something that would give our children nightmares.  I was 18 years old when I first read the story of the Levite’s concubine from Judges 19.  I was disturbed and disgusted by this story when I first heard it, and to this day, I cannot not tell the story to someone without feeling a bit creepy.Stories like this demonstrate for us, not only that God tells us stories, but that when God…

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