No other artist mixed religion and sex like Prince


religion :(RNS) When Prince died a year ago, he was called a game changer, an iconoclast, an innovator and a sex god by critics, fellow musicians, friends and fans. But one word lost in the grief and shock was “Christian.” Prince Rogers Nelson, whose 40 albums and 100 singles sold over 100 million records worldwide, was found dead from an overdose of painkillers in Paisley Park, his Minnesota mansion, on April 21, 2016. The 57-year-old singer, songwriter and musician created music that was as infused with his own deep faith…

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What God’s Love is Like

Never did like him? For those who know God and have experienced not only the reality of His existence but also His love, such a sentiment is hard to sympathise with. On the other hand, God is so big, so powerful and so complex that He’s easily misunderstood by shallow, sinful fallen creatures such as ourselves, who are deceived even by the most obvious things. After all, not until 500 years ago did most humans finally realise that it was the earth moving around the sun, not vice versa!

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