How to Live the Best Life Possible


How can you get the most out of this life, which you can only spend once?When I was 20, two questions weighed heavily on my mind: “What is the purpose and meaning of life?” and “How can I live the best life possible?”While reading one night, I stumbled upon a statement that I shall never forget: “Your life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you want, but you can only spend it once .” The realization was most powerful—I had only one life to live. There were many…

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The Purpose of Marriage Ever Obsolete?

Marriage is under assault as never before. Will it—can it—survive? Adultery is exploding—why? Traditional home and family life is blurring. The once-typical family is becoming extinct—why? Most do not know where the institution of marriage came from. And they have no idea why, or if, it is even necessary. This booklet reveals the true meaning—the astounding purpose—of MARRIAGE and FAMILYThe world is exploding with problems. Much knowledge is available about them, but little understanding. The breakdown of marriage and the family is a classic example. Seemingly everyone knows it is…

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Today’s Meditation

Today’s Meditation “I have chosen you out of the world.”-John 15:19.Here  is distinguishing grace and discriminating regard; for some are made the special objects of divine affection. Do not be afraid to dwell upon this high doctrine of election. When your mind is most heavy and depressed, you will find it to be a bottle of richest cordial. Those who doubt the doctrines of grace, or who cast them into the shade, miss the richest clusters of Eshcol; they lose the wines on the lees well refined, the fat things…

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