FIELD:Electrons are both waves and particles? One minute they act like a particle, and the next minute they act like a wave? At  the  time,  no  one  could  really  believe  any  of  this  was  actually  true.  Something must be wrong, they thought…. So  the  scientists  modified  the  experiment  to  “watch”  (with  a  measuring  device)  a single  electron  as  it  went  through  the  double  slits  to  see  if  it  really  acted  like  a  wave instead of a particle. However, the moment they observed the electron, an even stranger thing happened. They…

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How to Help a Missionary Returning from the Field

My son returned to the United States recently from living four years on the mission field. Needless to say, he came home to mom and dad’s house with a depleted bank account and a temporary job. Fortunately, he is a young, single man with no obligations other than himself. Other missionaries return home with families to consider.When we lived in Florida, our home church supported an organization that helped returning missionaries. They provided temporary housing, clothing, food, furniture, and more, to help the family get a start back in the…

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