CHAPTER  III EXPERIENCE (Anubhava) Anubhava:1. What is the light of consciousness? It is the self-luminous existence-consciousness which reveals to the seer the world of names and forms both inside and outside. The existence of this existence-consciousness can be inferred by the objects illuminated by it. It does not become the object of consciousness. 2. What is knowledge (vijnana)? It is that tranquil state of existence-consciousness which is experienced by the aspirant and which is like the waveless ocean or the motionless ether. 3. Anubhava:What is bliss? It is the experience…

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CHAPTER I WHO  AM  I ? enquiry:In this chapter is given clearly the path of enquiry into the Self, or ‘Who Am I?’ Is not the sense of ‘I’ natural to all beings, expressed in all their feelings as ‘I came’, ‘I went’, ‘I did’, or ‘I was’? On questioning what this is, we find that the body is identified with ‘I’ because movements and similar functions pertain to the body. Can the body then be this ‘I-consciousness’? It was not there 1 before birth, it is composed of the…

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CHAPTER 34 JED McKENNA Back to the Table of Contents JED McKENNA:Question: You seem to use a lot of quotations from Jed McKenna, who isn’t a real person – or at least that’s not his real name. Do you think he’s actually for real? Answer: I  said  Robert  Scheinfeld  stopped  along  his  path  as  a  scout.  I  think  Jed McKenna also stopped at a certain point to write his Enlightenment Trilogy. He claims to have emerged from the cocoon as a butterfly… “All that scorched-earth wandering wasn’t the end, it…

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CHAPTER 33 ROBERT SCHEINFELD Back to the Table of Contents robert-scheinfeld:Question: You mention Robert Scheinfeld a lot, but you don’t quote him very much; and it’s not clear exactly what you think about his work. Answer: I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Robert Scheinfeld and the role he played in my transformation. It was Robert – through his Busting Loose from the Money Game DVD home study course  (which  is  no  longer  available)  –  who  ushered  me  through  the  back  door  of  the movie theater and into my…

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consciousness:Ramana Maharshi taught that you could achieve the stage of butterfly if you simply “Ask yourself again and again, ‘Who am I?’”1 “The inquiry ‘Who am I?’ will destroy all other thoughts, and like the stick used for  stirring the burning pyre, it will itself in the end get destroyed. Then, there will arise Self- realization.”2 That’s much more easily said than done; and like any other teaching in the back of the movie theater, if it worked, there would be a lot of butterflies populating the Earth by now.…

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