CHAPTER 33 ROBERT SCHEINFELD Back to the Table of Contents robert-scheinfeld:Question: You mention Robert Scheinfeld a lot, but you don’t quote him very much; and it’s not clear exactly what you think about his work. Answer: I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Robert Scheinfeld and the role he played in my transformation. It was Robert – through his Busting Loose from the Money Game DVD home study course  (which  is  no  longer  available)  –  who  ushered  me  through  the  back  door  of  the movie theater and into my…

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CHAPTER 31 THE EGO Back to the Table of Contents   EGO:Question: You’ve  been  pretty  hard  on  the  ego  throughout  this  book.  Isn’t  that  a judgment in itself? Answer: Excellent point, and I’m glad for the chance to clarify it. First, let’s make sure we agree on what we mean by the “ego,” since that word has been used a lot and means different things to different people. In  this  book  I  have  used  “ego”  to  mean  the  personality  construct  we  create  while playing the Human Game. It is composed…

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CHAPTER 21 ON BECOMING A BUTTERFLY Back to the Table of Contents BUTTERFLY:So why doesn’t my  Infinite  I simply download a healthy holographic body for me and take this pain away? It could; I know that. But that’s not the point of the transformation in the cocoon. It’s all about the process, and my process is not over yet. That’s why I don’t want my Infinite  I to take my pain away until I’m finished. I  have  run Robert’s  Process hundreds of  times  on  this  body egg  over  the  last…

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spiritual-autolysis:On  average  about  a  year  into  your  cocoon  time,  based  on  the  many  successful results  of  your  first-hand  experiences  using  Robert’s  Process,  you  will  know  with certainty  there  is  no  “out  there”  out  there;  that  your  3D  holographic  total  immersion movies aren’t real; that your  Infinite I is creating all your experiences for you, down to the smallest detail; that you cannot be a victim of anyone or anything at any time; that if you  feel  any discomfort,  it  is  solely the  result  of  your  reactions  and  responses  to your…

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process:I said at the end of the  last chapter “you  will ‘re-live’ or ‘re-visit’ many of the key experiences from your past, which means the movies that surround you in the cocoon for the next little while will look very much the same as they did in the movie theater. Some of the characters involved may be slightly different than the first time through the movie, but the basic theme is the same or very similar. This time, however, you have the choice of  changing  your  reaction  and  response  to…

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PREFACE TO PART TWO cocoon:Welcome to your cocoon! The sound you just heard was the door closing and locking behind you, so let’s not waste any time…. (By the way, what often happens first as you enter your cocoon is that you get a gift from  the “Universe,”  a little  “reward”  for taking  your  first step toward self-realization. This  will  be  different  for  everyone,  so  you’ll  want  to  be  open  and  alert  and  on  the lookout; and it helps to express some appreciation – to no one in particular, if…

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