CHAPTER 31 THE EGO Back to the Table of Contents   EGO:Question: You’ve  been  pretty  hard  on  the  ego  throughout  this  book.  Isn’t  that  a judgment in itself? Answer: Excellent point, and I’m glad for the chance to clarify it. First, let’s make sure we agree on what we mean by the “ego,” since that word has been used a lot and means different things to different people. In  this  book  I  have  used  “ego”  to  mean  the  personality  construct  we  create  while playing the Human Game. It is composed…

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The Interpretation of Prophecy An exercise in imagination or the application of plain sense?

When I was about 12 years old, I stumbled across Zechariah 14. It was an amazing discovery. You see, I grew up in a church where we were told over and over that “there is not one verse in the Bible that even implies that Jesus will ever set His feet on this earth again.” Simple Language:Well, Zechariah 14 not only implies that the Lord is coming back to this earth again, it says so point-blank! It says that the Lord will return to this earth at a time when…

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The Mid-East in Bible Prophecy

Events in the Middle East carry far greater significance than most even begin to understand! It has been said that every eight years the Middle East suffers another war. Recent history bears the truth of this statement. This geographical area has been a bubbling caldron of unrest, contention, terrorism and failed attempts at peace for ages. Its problems defy a simple solution—and this booklet will prove that only God can bring the peace that all there long for.The whole world is tied to the Middle East in a remarkable way.…

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