The Holy Bible in Urdu with narration on CD-R in the form of Software

For the first time in the world history, The Holy Bible in Urdu with text and narration on Internet.

The Holy Bible in Urdu

Blessings of the Lord Jesus are with you always!

We are serving the Lord Jesus Christ as we can. We upload Holy Bible in Our Local Language (To spread word of God in Pakistan and India with local language (Urdu) through internet we have done the bible with audio, you can read and listen bible in Urdu. Our Future Projects Read More… 

This website is supported by prayer, gifts and contributions from people like you. We very much appreciate your gifts, large or small as they allow God’s work like Urdu Bible Website and the Holy Bible in Urdu with narration on CD-R in the form of Software with facility to download from internet on completion of the Software. In this way Urdu Bible will reach more and more people like you. Contributions may be made online by credit card through PayPal by clicking on the pay now button to the left side. Please contact us if you have any questions by email to  We thank you for your prayers and financial support. You allow us to fulfill the goal. Helping people across the globe find a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

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