Can You Believe Bible Prophecy?


Are you a spiritual skeptic? Do you question whether the bible is actually the Word of God? After all, you may reason, none of the authors are around to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that it’s genuine. You want evidence to verify that the Bible truly is God’s word. You need something solid to back up your belief. How do you start? Where do you search for the facts to solve your dilemma? There is a source that can answer your suspicions. Stay tuned to Beyond Today as we…

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How to Live the Best Life Possible


How can you get the most out of this life, which you can only spend once?When I was 20, two questions weighed heavily on my mind: “What is the purpose and meaning of life?” and “How can I live the best life possible?”While reading one night, I stumbled upon a statement that I shall never forget: “Your life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you want, but you can only spend it once .” The realization was most powerful—I had only one life to live. There were many…

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Life is in the Small Things


Have you ever felt the desire to do something great? Have you desired to do something that mattered on a large scale? Do ever you feel frustrated or disappointed when you can’t change the world in massive ways? “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” -Mother TeresaIt is normal for us limited humans to desire to tap into our incredible human potential. We can often burn ourselves out trying to accomplish great feats.

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Why We Can Stand on God’s Promises


This afternoon I’d like to address a topic that touches all of us from time to time. I’d like to ask you this question. Anyone here ever had a promise made to you and had that promise broken? I think we’re all in that same boat, aren’t we? It can start as early as just a young child growing up. Promises are made by parents to the child and the child is all excited and waiting for it and all of a sudden, oh it doesn’t happen. Then the child…

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