PRACTICE (Abhyasa)


CHAPTER  II PRACTICE (Abhyasa) Abhyasa:1. What is the method of practice? As the Self of a person who tries to attain Self-realization is not different from him and as there is nothing other than or superior to him to be attained by him, Self-realization being only the realization of one’s own nature, the seeker of liberation realizes, without doubts or misconceptions, his real nature by distinguishing the eternal from the transient, and never swerves from his natural state. This is known as the practice of knowledge. This is the enquiry…

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CHAPTER  IX THE  EIGHTFOLD  PATH  OF  YOGA EIGHTFOLD  PATH:In this chapter is described the path of yoga for obtaining Self-Realization, getting control of the mind through control of breath. For achieving devotion in the form of meditation described in the previous chapter, steps like yama and niyama (the first two stages in ashtanga or eightfold yoga, explained below) are prescribed. These have two forms, one of the nature of yoga and the other of jnana. Control over breath is yoga. Elimination of the mind is jnana. Which of these comes…

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