CHAPTER VI KNOWLEDGE  OF  THE  SUPREME  SELF SUPREME SELF:In this chapter is described the method of realizing the Self. When the mind in the form of the ego, which takes the body for the Self and strays outwards, is curbed within the Heart the sense of ‘I’ in the body relinquished, and enquiry made with a still mind as to who it is that dwells in the body, a subtle illumination will be experienced as ‘I-I’ which is no other than the Absolute, SUPREME SELF:the Self, seated in the lotus…

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God’s special tent, the Tabernacle

Chapter 26 God’s special tent, the Tabernacle – verses 1-37 The curtains – verses 1-14 v1 The *LORD continued to speak to Moses. ‘Make 10 curtains for my special tent. Make them out of *linen of good quality. Sew them with blue, purple and bright red wool. Let a skilful worker sew a design into them that shows *heavenly figures. v2 Make all the curtains the same size. The curtains should be 39 feet (12 metres) long and 6½ feet (2 metres) wide. v3 Join 5 curtains together to make…

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