CHAPTER  V THE  SUPREME  BEING SUPREME:In this chapter it is shown that the form of the Self is the form of God and He is in the form of ‘I-I’ The universal principle underlying the correspondence between the ideas ‘within’ and the objects ‘without’ is the true significance of the term ‘mind’. Therefore, SUPREME:the body and the world which appear as external to oneself are only mental reflections. SUPREME:It is only the Heart that manifests in all these forms. In the Core of the all-comprehensive Heart, that is, in the…

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God is Our Supreme Giver

No one can beat God at giving. He gave the ultimate for us – His Son. There is a lesson that can be learned from His example.Actually there is more than one lesson to be learned here. First of all, society has a warped sense of what it means to give. They tout giving on Christmas, Easter and birthdays but not much else. When you give at other times it is either to benefit you or for the media value.That sounds harsh but it is true. Even giving to good…

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Save the Family, Save the Nation

The quote famously attributed to Vladimir Lenin is “Destroy the family, destroy the nation.” Of course he did not say this in the defense of family, but as part of his overall goal of destroying nations en route to a worldwide revolution. Bizarrely, Lenin still has defenders, though they mostly keep shop on the far left of the political spectrum, finding gainful employment mostly at universities, where they are saved from having to suffer the consequences of their own ideas.Such people sometimes complain that Lenin and other Communist dictators got…

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