Another Way to Sense Your World


C H A P T E R   2   Another Way to Sense Your World   World :The Flexibility of Perspective  Despite the habitual tendency to look out from your head, it is actually quite simple to move the point where your perspective originates from. Some have suggested that dyslexics have an unusually flexible perspective that moves so freely that, in a sense, they can see words on a page from both the front and back. As a result, they can see letters in their usual order and also…

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CHAPTER 16 JUDGMENT Back to the Table of Contents judgment:After hours upon hours of spiritual autolysis, I finally wrote something that is true: Judgment is the source of all pain and suffering. This might only be true for me, but I doubt it. If you’re like I, and many other people, you’ve had a personal experience confirming this truth you might not have recognized…. Have  you  ever  thought  you  cut  yourself  with  a  sharp  knife,  maybe  while  slicing vegetables, but you weren’t sure; so you  stopped slicing and took a…

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When Independence is Bad

Viola Walker was far from an avid angler, but she did go fishing with her husband, Louis, several times after they were married. Then, after three trips to the same trout steam and enduring her husband’s complaints that she scared the fish away, Viola gave up the fishing business.Viola’s interest was community projects and current events. She became deeply involved in these activities. Then, after one fishing trip, Louis talked about a “genuine fisherwoman” who had been in their crowd, and Viola felt a pang of jealousy. And she was…

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