What About the Real World


C H A P T E R   3 What About the Real World?  Real World:Looking from the Belly  Looking from the Heart adds richness to experience and opens up whole new dimensions to daily life, and yet often there is resistance to truly resting in the Heart. It can seem impractical or too vulnerable to consistently view the world in such an expanded, open, uncensored way. So we often return to our old habit of looking through the mind and its false sense of being in control. The mind…

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5 Ways to Soothe Conflict in Marriage

“He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty and he who controls his spirit than he who takes a city” (Proverbs 16:32).Summer is here and the temperatures are steadily soaring higher than eagles. With the rising heat, tendencies to become easily frustrated or temperamental also seem to rise. Day-to-day responsibilities and inconveniencies can already be overwhelming enough without adding heated arguments to the mix.I recently heard a national news story of a woman who was so angry with her son for talking back to her that she…

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Great Expectations

Great Expectations;Todd Turner was in trouble: for the third time, his wife had threatened to leave him, and this time she meant it. And all over a dog—or so Todd said.Todd was away from home much of the time and had bought Tracy a dog for company before the birth of their first child. After the baby’s arrival, Todd wanted to get rid of the dog.“If the dog goes, I go, too,” Tracy warned.“All right, go ahead,” he told her.And so they separated.

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