picture:Virtually all Human Adults have gathered together in various groups in the back of the  theater,  each  group  trying  to  discover  how  to  change  their  reality,  usually  with  a leader  providing  guidance  to  the  followers,  often  with  some  written  text  or  rules  or guidelines. Each Human Adult has achieved at least a modicum of self-responsibility at this point; and some of the groups even give lip service to “individual change,” although the main focus is still on “them,” “out there,” who continue to involve people like us in movies full…

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How to Train Others: Five Lessons From Jesus

Whether you hire workers for your own business, train co-workers within the context of your current position, or equip others for ministry in your church, you should consider the following lessons from the Master trainer:1. Be real during the interview process.If you are salivating over a prospective employee, don’t succumb to the temptation of sugar coating the job.  When a teacher of religious law asked Jesus if he could follow him, Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens to live in, and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no…

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Picture Jesus Playing the Lottery

Can you? What would happen inside the soul of Jesus when he reads, “Win up to $10,000 now—$1,000,000 later…play anywhere, win anytime…for people who just can’t wait to get rich”? What does Jesus really long for? What should we really want in life? The lottery is going to be the litmus paper of many hidden motives.The lottery is a new opportunity to pierce your soul with many pangs. It is a new chance to lead your children into ruin. It is being pushed beyond our worst expectations. And its effect…

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