CHAPTER IV ATTAINMENT (Arudha) 1.Arudha:What is the state of attainment of knowledge? It is firm and effortless abidance in the Self in which the mind which has become one with the Self does not subsequently emerge again at any time. That is, just as everyone usually and naturally has the idea, ‘I am not a goat nor a cow nor any other animal but a human’, when he thinks of his body, so also when he has the idea ‘I am not the principles (tattwas) beginning with the body and…

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CHAPTER 24 THE “EARTH ENVIRONMENT” TEMPLATE Back to the Table of Contents EARTH ENVIRONMENT” TEMPLATE:Question: If we don’t share one big common hologram, how can you and I go out at night  and  see  the  same  stars,  or  watch  the  same  movie,  or  see  the  same  people?  How could  someone  else  agree  with  me  so  much  on  what  we  call  “reality”  unless  we  were actually seeing the same thing? Answer:  The  answer  to  that  depends  on  how  you  view  “other  people”  in  your holograms, based on what we discussed in…

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