CHAPTER  IV THE  EGO (JIVA)  EGO:In this chapter the Self (Atma) itself is said to be the ego (Jiva) and the nature of the ego is explained. The mind is nothing else than the ‘I’-thought. The mind and the ego are one and the same. Intellect, will, ego, and individuality  are  collectively the same  mind.  It  is  like a man 26 Words of Grace being variously described according to his different activities. The individual is nothing else than the ego which, again is only the mind. Simultaneously with the rise…

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CHAPTER II THE  MIND MIND:In this chapter are described briefly the nature of the mind, its states and location According to the Hindu scriptures an entity known as the ‘mind’, is derived from the subtle essence of the food consumed; which flourishes as love, hatred, lust, anger, and so on; which is the totality of mentality, intellect, desire, and ego; which, although it has such diverse functions, bears the generic name ‘mind’, which is objectified as the insentient objects cognized by us; which, though itself insentient, appears to be sentient,…

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