CHAPTER VII WORSHIP  OF  GOD worship:In this chapter it is said that perennial awareness of the Self is real worship and penance (tapas). The purpose of worshipping the Impersonal Supreme Being is the incessant remembrance of the truth that you are Brahman, because the meditation ‘I am Brahman’ comprises sacrifice, gifts, penance, ritual, prayer, yoga and worship. The only way to overcome obstructions to your meditation is to forbid the mind to dwell on them and to introvert it into the Self and there witness unconcernedly all that happens; there…

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How to Get Your Spouse Involved With Your Family Finances

I really liked the financial sheet you created and was very excited to continue with it. However, I’ve wanted my husband to learn it as well since he is the big spender. He refuses to learn it and my health is deteriorating more and more every day. Every time I even mention the expenses, it bothers him and he seems to become very upset.I don’t know how to get him involved in the finances of our home.Any suggestions?Our reader is not alone; many husbands and wives share her frustration. Hopefully,…

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Does Prayer Make Any Difference?

There is an immense difference between a worldview that is not able to answer every question to complete satisfaction and one whose answers are consistently contradictory. There is an even greater difference between answers that contain paradoxes and those that are systemically irreconcilable.Once again, the Christian faith stands out as unique in this test, both as a system of thought and in the answers it gives. Christianity does not promise that you will have every question fully answered to your satisfaction before you die, but the answers it gives are…

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