CHAPTER III THE  WORLD WORLD:In this chapter it is shown that the world has no reality of its own and does not exist apart from the Self. Creation: The main purpose of the scriptures is to expose the illusory nature of the world and to reveal the Supreme Spirit as the only Reality. They have built up the theory of creation with this sole end in view. They even go into details and entertain the lowest order of seekers with the narration of the 1 successive appearance of the Spirit,…

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THE HOLOGRAM HOLOGRAM:How is “reality” created from The Field? Most  quantum  physicists  agree  it  is  a  very  similar  process  to  the  creation  of  a hologram. In other words, the universe we see is a “holographic universe.” “When we look at some of the scientific views of ‘reality’ that have tried to get down,  down, down to the nitty-gritty, we see at its ultimate level… that reality is not solid – it’s  mostly empty space – and whatever solidity it has seems more to resemble a hologram  picture rather than material,…

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