Joshua gave land to the tribe of Judah

Chapter 15 v1 Joshua gave land to the tribe of Judah. And he divided it between the various families. This land was between Edom and the Desert of Zin. The desert was at the south of the land. v2 Judah’s land began at the south end of the Salt Sea. v3 It crossed the south side of Scorpion valley, to Zin. Joshua also gave land to them south of Kadesh Barnea, as far as Hebron. The edge of their land continued past Addar. Then it went round to Karka v4…

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God’s Not Dead… but Christian Films are on Life Support


As unfortunate as it may be to admit, “Christian movies” have something of a track record.Often the purpose of the filmmaker is clear, if not bluntly stated: to win souls, bolster the faith of believers, or even simply to get the name of Jesus to a theater near you. All too often, however, these well-meaning Christian films are marked by substandard acting, careless plot-holes, and contrived situations. Christian audiences flock to see such films, forgiving shortcomings and encouraging friends and family to support the Christian film industry by going out…

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