CHAPTER I WHO  AM  I ? enquiry:In this chapter is given clearly the path of enquiry into the Self, or ‘Who Am I?’ Is not the sense of ‘I’ natural to all beings, expressed in all their feelings as ‘I came’, ‘I went’, ‘I did’, or ‘I was’? On questioning what this is, we find that the body is identified with ‘I’ because movements and similar functions pertain to the body. Can the body then be this ‘I-consciousness’? It was not there 1 before birth, it is composed of the…

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Does the Bible Predict the Destruction of Syria?

Over the last few weeks, I have been asked many times if I believe that the prophecy recorded in Isaiah 17 refers to Syria today, since the text predicts the total destruction of Damascus, the ancient and modern capital of the nation.In principle, I have no problem with the concept that ancient biblical prophecies can refer to contemporary events, since it’s clear that there are many prophecies still to be fulfilled, including the future world war against Jerusalem. (See Zechariah 12 and 14.)But it’s obvious from the historical context that…

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How the destruction of marriage is strangling the feminist welfare state.

The standard narrative is that feminism removed the artificial restrictions that were holding women back, and what we observe today is a level playing field.  The Social Pathologist described this in his recent post Hypergamic Affirmative Action:The social, sexual and economic liberation of women in the latter half of the 20th Century has meant that for the first time women were able to compete with men in society without restriction. The result has been spectacular if not particularly beneficial to the happiness of women. Whilst not all degrees are created…

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