CHAPTER 21 ON BECOMING A BUTTERFLY Back to the Table of Contents BUTTERFLY:So why doesn’t my  Infinite  I simply download a healthy holographic body for me and take this pain away? It could; I know that. But that’s not the point of the transformation in the cocoon. It’s all about the process, and my process is not over yet. That’s why I don’t want my Infinite  I to take my pain away until I’m finished. I  have  run Robert’s  Process hundreds of  times  on  this  body egg  over  the  last…

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CHAPTER 19 FEAR Back to the Table of Contents fear:Inside  the  movie  theater,  I  prided  myself  on  not  being  afraid  of  anything,  or  not much at least. Talking dolls in horror movies were one big exception. For some reason it scared the crap out of me when a plastic doll’s head would turn, its mouth would open, and it would speak. Freaked me out. Once I got inside my cocoon, I had to be honest that  I was, and had always  been, afraid of a lot of things. We all…

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DETACHING & “DESIRELESSNESS” DESIRELESSNESS:I said in the last chapter that “detachment isn’t always just from the things we don’t want or like, but also from the things we want and love.” That may sound like you have to forsake everything in order to become a butterfly, which would make becoming a butterfly a lot less attractive to many people. But it’s not true. So let me explain “detachment” a little more; and, as usual, let’s first look at what “detachment” is not…. “Detachment,” sometimes called “non-attachment” or “desirelessness,” is a…

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consciousness:Ramana Maharshi taught that you could achieve the stage of butterfly if you simply “Ask yourself again and again, ‘Who am I?’”1 “The inquiry ‘Who am I?’ will destroy all other thoughts, and like the stick used for  stirring the burning pyre, it will itself in the end get destroyed. Then, there will arise Self- realization.”2 That’s much more easily said than done; and like any other teaching in the back of the movie theater, if it worked, there would be a lot of butterflies populating the Earth by now.…

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