Reformation exhibit highlights art as teaching tool and propaganda


Reformation exhibit :MINNEAPOLIS (RNS) When it came to art, Martin Luther was much more interested in music than in the visual arts. He once called music “half a sacrament” and said, “Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.” But Luther also recognized images had the power to teach ­– a powerful form of communication the church could use, said David Morgan, professor and chair of the department of religious studies at Duke University. “So from the beginning, he defended the…

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Wonderfully made: How churches are seizing on gallery spaces for art


churches:LEXINGTON, Mass. (RNS) When psychologist Bob Bass retired five years ago, he knew his photography hobby would be good for his spiritual well-being. But he never expected an evangelical megachurch would help him, a liberal Unitarian, become a full-fledged artist. That’s what’s happened through the Grace Chapel Art Gallery in Lexington, Mass., one of hundreds that have cropped up or expanded in U.S. churches over the past decade. At Grace, a simple hallway has become a destination, not only for local art lovers but also for budding talents like Bass,…

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God’s Attributes The True Measure of Fine Art


God’s Attributes The True Measure of Fine Art Before the world was digitized and messaging was made instant via the ubiquity of supercomputers carried in each person’s pocket or purse, written communication was facilitated by means of mail delivered by the postal service. Specifically, a writer would place his or her message into an envelope and then entrust its delivery to a group of people who never (well, rarely) failed, even in the face of rain, sleet, or snow. The delivery process could be as short as a single night…

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olomon’s peaceful kingdom

Chapter 4 Solomon’s peaceful kingdom This chapter shows how successful Solomon’s rule was. The country was wealthy. It was at peace. The farms were successful. Food and drink were plentiful. People lived good lives. Other nations respected Solomon. Some of those nations paid taxes to him. The Bible said that people will know such a good and peaceful time again. This will happen when Jesus returns to this world. See Isaiah chapter 55. But, of course, Solomon’s rule was not perfect. Jesus’ rule will be perfect. And it will continue…

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