process:I said at the end of the  last chapter “you  will ‘re-live’ or ‘re-visit’ many of the key experiences from your past, which means the movies that surround you in the cocoon for the next little while will look very much the same as they did in the movie theater. Some of the characters involved may be slightly different than the first time through the movie, but the basic theme is the same or very similar. This time, however, you have the choice of  changing  your  reaction  and  response  to…

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PREFACE TO PART TWO cocoon:Welcome to your cocoon! The sound you just heard was the door closing and locking behind you, so let’s not waste any time…. (By the way, what often happens first as you enter your cocoon is that you get a gift from  the “Universe,”  a little  “reward”  for taking  your  first step toward self-realization. This  will  be  different  for  everyone,  so  you’ll  want  to  be  open  and  alert  and  on  the lookout; and it helps to express some appreciation – to no one in particular, if…

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