Bible Translations, The Most Popular and Fastest Growing Bible Translation Isn’t What You Think It Is


Bible Translations: When Americans reach for their Bibles, more than half of them pick up a King James Version (KJV), according to a new study advised by respected historian Mark Noll.The 55 percent who read the KJV easily outnumber the 19 percent who read the New International Version (NIV). And the percentages drop into the single digits for competitors such as the New Revised Standard Version, New America Bible, and the Living Bible.So concludes “The Bible in American Life,” a lengthy report by the Center for the Study of Religion…

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What Does the Bible Say about Gambling?

What Does the Bible Say? Obviously, Americans spend an enormous amount of money gambling, yet the issue is always controversial. Whenever a new jurisdiction seeks to add gambling, there is always a controversy. Christians are often the most vocal opponents of these measures, which usually pass anyway.It is interesting that the Bible does not speak directly to the issue of gambling. None of the 10 Commandments state “Thou shalt not gamble.” Jesus did not address the issue in the Sermon on the Mount, and Paul didn’t write at length about…

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What Does the Bible Say About Worrying About Money?

If you worry about money issues, you have a lot of company – according to a Marist Institute Poll published in USA Today, 65% of Americans “always” or “sometimes” worry about their money.But, according to the Bible, should you be worrying about money?  And does the Bible give practical tips for overcoming worry?  Worry has many affects on your health and situation, so how do you get rid of it?  In this post, I won’t claim to give the totality of Biblical counsel on this topic, but I do promise…

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