RENUNCIATION:In this chapter the entire effacement of thought is said to be the only true sannyasa (renunciation*). Sannyasa or renunciation is not the discarding of external things but of the ego. To such renouncers* (sannyasins) there exists no difference between solitude and active life. The Rishi Vasistha says: ‘Just as a man, whose mind is preoccupied, is not aware of what is in front of him, so also the Sage, though engaged in work, is not the doer thereof, because his mind is immersed in the Self without the uprising of the ego. Just as a man lying on his bed dreams that he is falling headlong over a precipice, so also the ignorant person whose ego is still present, though engaged in deep meditation in solitude, does not cease to be the doer of all action.’

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