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KARMA:Question: So what about karma? Answer:  As I’ve said all along, there is a grain of truth in every philosophy,  every religion, every spiritual path; but in the first half of the Human Game, that truth had to be perverted to a greater or lesser degree in order for a Player to experience limitations and restrictions or the Game wouldn’t work. In  this  case,  the  truth  about  karma  has  been  twisted  in  many  ways  until  it  means many  different  things  to  many  different  people:  “an  eye  for  an  eye,  or  a  tooth  for  a tooth1;” “you reap what you sow2;” you will be rewarded for being good and punished for your sins; you have to suffer retribution for wrong done in previous lives; if you’re bad, you’ll come back as a lesser form of life next time; if you do spiritually valuable acts, you deserve  and  can  expect  good  luck;  or  conversely,  if  you  do  harmful  things,  you  can expect bad luck. You  can  see  first-half  “thinking”  and  “judgments”  and  “beliefs”  in  every  one  of those concepts – clear evidence that karma, no matter what it means, belongs inside the movie theater. So what’s the truth about karma? “Karma  is  not  punishment  or  retribution  but  simply  an  extended  expression  or  consequence of natural acts. Karma means “deed” or “act” and more broadly names the  universal principle of cause and effect, action and reaction that governs all life.”3 Karma, therefore, at its most basic level is “cause and effect.” Karma means if you do  this,  that will happen. “Bad” karma is seen as having done something “wrong” in the past (or in a past life) that will come back to you in the present or future for you to “work out.” “Good” karma is seen as having done something “right” in  the  past  (or  in  a  past  life)  that  will  come  back  to  you  in  the  present  or  future  as  a reward. But  if  a  Player  can  never  do anything  “wrong” –  which  is the  Truth  –  how  could there ever be any karma to work out? Karma is simply another belief that will fall by the wayside during your transition in the cocoon. * * Actually, most Players in the Human Game hold the belief that if I do this, that will happen, even if they don’t call  it karma. Most people just call it the “law of cause and effect”… …except there is no “law of cause and effect.” In truth, the “law of cause and effect” is nothing more than a belief system, and, like space and time, is a function of the hologram and is therefore not real. Remember  that  “believing  is  seeing;”  so  if  you  believe  in  the  “law  of  cause  and effect,” you will see it in action all around you. But what if you don’t believe in the “law of cause and effect?”

Various  people  over  the  years  have  demonstrated  what  could  be  called  a  “total disregard” for the “law of cause and effect.” Jesus, for example, ignored the law of cause and  effect  when  he  walked  on  water4,  or  fed  the  multitude  with  a  few  fish  and  some bread5, or healed the sick6 or raised the dead.7 Sai Baba apparently ignores the law of cause and effect when he produces vibuti or jewelry out of thin air.8 In his book, The Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot mentions other documented examples  of lesser-known individuals  demonstrating  feats outside  the law of cause and effect. For example… “[Biologist Lyall Watson was investigating]  one of the so-called Philippine psychic  healers, but instead of touching a patient, all he did was hold his hand about ten inches  over  the  person’s  body,  point  at  his  or  her  skin,  and  an  incision  would  appear  instantaneously. Watson not only witnessed several displays of the man’s psychokinetic  surgical skills, but once, when the man made a broader sweep with his finger than usual,  Watson [himself] received an incision on the back of his own hand. He bears the scar to  this day.”9 “One investigator, a member of the Paris Parliament named Louis-Basile Carre de  Montgeron, witnessed enough miracles to fill four thick volumes on the subject…. In one  instance a convulsionaire bent back into an arc so that her lower back was supported by  ‘the sharp point of a peg.’ She then asked that a fifty-pound stone attached to a rope be  hoisted to ‘an extreme height’ and allowed to fall with all its weight on her stomach. The  stone  was  hoisted  up  and  allowed  to  fall  again  and  again,  but  the  woman  seemed  completely  unaffected  by it.  She effortlessly  maintained  her awkward position,  suffered  no pain or harm, and walked away from the ordeal without even so much as a mark on  the flesh of her back.”10 Stories abound of yogis who can sleep on a bed of nails without pain or evidence of skin damage11;  and there  are  perhaps some  5,000 members  of the  Pentecostal  Holiness churches12 who  show  no  effects  from  the  bite  of  a  poisonous  snake  or  from  drinking poison. Of  course,  the  phenomenon  of  firewalking 13 (made  popular  in  the  West  by  Tony Robbins) is nothing more than convincing people to temporarily suspend their belief in the “law of cause and effect,” and walk across hot coals which would normally “cause” burns on the feet without suffering the “effects.” In Chapter Twenty I talked about multiple personality disorder and the large number of cases where the human body seems to defy “cause and effect.” There are many other examples of diseases occurring without any “cause,” or not occurring when the so-called cause is present but the effect is not. If smoking “causes” cancer, for instance, how can some people smoke their entire lives and never get cancer? If HIV “causes” AIDS, how can thousands of people have lived for thirty years diagnosed HIV-Positive, not take any medications and still be happy and healthy14? The movie,  The Matrix, was all about Neo learning to break out of his belief in the “law of cause and effect.” There are two famous scenes toward the end that demonstrate his  success  –  first,  when  Neo  is  shot  close  range  with  six  bullets,  seems  to  die temporarily, and then gets up again to continue the fight; and then when he unravels the matrix and stops the bullets coming at him, plucking one out of the air and looking at it, then letting them fall on the ground in front of him.

Our tendency is to explain away these examples as “supernatural,” when in fact they are simply occurring outside the belief system of “cause and effect.” A Course in Miracles says, “This is a course in cause and not effect.”15 The  great  quantum  physicist  David  Bohm “argued  that  the  way  science  viewed  causality was also much too limited. Most effects were thought of as having only one or  several  causes.  However,  Bohm  felt  that  an  effect  could  have  an  infinite  number  of  causes….  Bohm  conceded  that  most  of  the  time  one  could  ignore  the  vast  cascade  of  causes that had led to any given effect, but he still felt it was important for scientists to  remember that no single cause-and-effect relationship was ever really separate from the  universe as a whole.”16 But  despite  much  evidence  to  the  contrary,  “cause  and  effect”  remains  one of  our most  basic, most  ingrained,  and most  unchallenged  belief  systems;  and its history goes way back to the beginning when our Biblical ancestors, Adam and Eve, were told it was eating the apple that caused them to get in trouble with The Lord. “And  he  said,  Who  told  thee  that  thou  wast  naked?  Hast  thou  eaten  of  the  tree,  whereof I commanded thee that thou shouldest not eat?”17 * * There  is  an  interesting  phenomenon  I  want  to  mention  that,  on  first  glance,  might appear to be “karma,” or “cause and effect,” but it’s not. As Players in the Human Game, we seem to experience similar holograms from time to time. In fact, patterns of experiences seem to follow us – in some cases, plague us – repeating  over  and  over.  A  woman  might  constantly  attract  a  certain  kind  of  man,  an alcoholic who abuses her, for example. A man might find himself getting fired from one job after another, always for the same reason. I’m sure you’re aware of at least a few of your own patterns. So what’s going on here? One  way  to  look  at  “karma”  and  “cause  and  effect”  is  that  we,  as  Players,  can continue  to  experience  similar  holograms  as  long  as  we  feel  like  we’re  victims  of someone or something “out there” – the “effect” of someone or something else that is the “cause,” until we have accepted the fact we cannot be the “effect” of anyone or anything at any time; until we have let go of the ideas of victim and perpetrator; until we no longer think the “cause” is anywhere except with our own Infinite I. This  is  even  true  in the  beginning  of the  second  half  of  the  Human  Game,  as our Infinite I creates situations for us similar to what we encountered in the first half when we assigned  power  “out there,”  to  give  us the  opportunity  to  “reclaim”  that  power  and no longer see ourselves as the “effect” in our holographic experiences. In other words, “karma” could be seen as a series of holographic experiences created and  offered  by  an  Infinite  I to  give  the  Player  the  opportunity  to  assume  full  self- responsibility – 100% “cause” – for their own reactions and responses. On the original “grade chart” developed by L. Ron Hubbard for Scientology in the 1970’s, the EP (“End  Phenomenon,” or end result) of the level called OT VIII was “at cause  over  life  (matter,  energy,  space  and  time).”  This  was  revised  in  198818 (after Hubbard’s death) since it was impossible to achieve using the techniques offered by the Church; but it was a good thought to begin with.

And it  is  achievable;  but part of the  process of getting  there involves  dealing with this belief in the “law of cause and effect” and the judgment and fear beneath it. As I said in Chapter Twenty-One, this is a tough one, and I’m not finished with it myself. So that’s all I can say about it for now.

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