Joel: The Day of the Lord. Joel tells us his father’s name, but he says

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Joel tells us his father’s name, but he says nothing about himself. Some students think that he wrote his book aboutJoel_Michelangelo-150x150 850 years before the birth of Jesus. Other students think that he wrote it about 330 years later than that. The really important thing is that Joel* has a message from God.

Joel: Nearly all God’s people have forgotten to love God. And they have forgotten to obey him. So God allows bad things to happen. There is no rain. (Look at Joel* 1:20.) The plants do not grow well and insects come to eat them (Joel* 1:4). And these things are only a beginning.

Joel* tells the people to think about these bad things. (Look at Joel 1:2-13, 15-20.) He tells the people to change their attitude to God (Joel* 1:14; 2:12-17). He tells them that they should love God again, as they did before. And they should obey him again. If they do this, then God will do good things for them (Joel 2:18-20, 32). God will send his *Holy Spirit to them (Joel 2:28).

Joel* then tells the people about a special day that is coming. He calls that day ‘the Day of the *Lord’. (Look at Joel* 3:14.) On that day, great things will happen (Joel* 2:28-32). God will punish his people’s enemies (Joel 3:1-21). Then God will give peace to his people again (Joel* 3:16, 20).

Contents of the Book

1:1-12 *Locusts eat all the plants in *Israel

1:13-20 Joel* tells people to *repent

2:1-11 The army of *locusts

2:12-17 Show to the *Lord that you are sorry

2:18-27 The *Lord’s answer

2:28-32 The Day of the *Lord

3:1-15 The *Lord *judges the nations

3:16-21 God will do good things for his people


Joel talks about an army of *locusts. In chapter 1, it seems that the *locusts are real *locusts. Later, Joel talks again about an army of *locusts. Many students think that, this time, he means an army of soldiers. So there is an army that consists of *locusts. And there is also an army that consists of soldiers. Both these armies come to make God’s people think. God’s people need to think about why these armies come.

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