CHAPTER 36 THE FUTURE Back to the Table of Contents future:Question: I  thought  I  just  read  in  Chapter  Twenty-Seven  that  time  doesn’t  exist. What are you doing calling the last chapter in this book “The Future?” Answer: You’re right. FUTURE:But I also said in Chapter Twenty that “I can still dream;” and that’s what I’d like to do – dream a little about the future – as long as I don’t get attached to the fulfillment of those dreams. Actually, toward the end of your time in the cocoon, you…

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CHAPTER 34 JED McKENNA Back to the Table of Contents JED McKENNA:Question: You seem to use a lot of quotations from Jed McKenna, who isn’t a real person – or at least that’s not his real name. Do you think he’s actually for real? Answer: I  said  Robert  Scheinfeld  stopped  along  his  path  as  a  scout.  I  think  Jed McKenna also stopped at a certain point to write his Enlightenment Trilogy. He claims to have emerged from the cocoon as a butterfly… “All that scorched-earth wandering wasn’t the end, it…

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CHAPTER 33 ROBERT SCHEINFELD Back to the Table of Contents robert-scheinfeld:Question: You mention Robert Scheinfeld a lot, but you don’t quote him very much; and it’s not clear exactly what you think about his work. Answer: I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Robert Scheinfeld and the role he played in my transformation. It was Robert – through his Busting Loose from the Money Game DVD home study course  (which  is  no  longer  available)  –  who  ushered  me  through  the  back  door  of  the movie theater and into my…

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money:We talked in Chapter Twenty-Four about “virtual reality”…. If part of your computer-generated “virtual reality” experience was to look at your bank account and see a million dollars in it, I wonder whether you would say, “This must be a mistake. I didn’t earn that money.” Most likely you would realize it was created out of thin air by the designer of your “virtual reality” experience and would not need to figure out how it got there. In fact, you would know how it got there. But according to quantum…

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CHAPTER 29 TRUST Back to the Table of Contents TRUST:Question: Is it true, what L. Ron Hubbard once said, “On the day when we can fully trust each other, there will be peace on Earth”? Answer: No, not really, because the way he said it makes it sound like we should be working to learn to trust each other, and if we could succeed, we’d have peace on Earth. That’s just another incorrect twist to the Truth that happens inside the movie theater. The intentional community I have been associated…

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CHAPTER 28 KARMA, CAUSE & EFFECT Back to the Table of Contents KARMA:Question: So what about karma? Answer:  As I’ve said all along, there is a grain of truth in every philosophy,  every religion, every spiritual path; but in the first half of the Human Game, that truth had to be perverted to a greater or lesser degree in order for a Player to experience limitations and restrictions or the Game wouldn’t work. In  this  case,  the  truth  about  karma  has  been  twisted  in  many  ways  until  it  means many…

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CHAPTER 27 PAST LIVES? Back to the Table of Contents past-lives:Question: What about past lives? Answer:  I love this question, because I believed  in past lives  for about fifty years, before encountering quantum physics and the truth of the Human Game model. Not only did I believe, but I had many detailed “memories” of a number of those past lives. But before we can talk about past lives, we have to talk about time…. From the  research  in quantum  physics,  we know time  does not exist in  The Field, where…

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CHAPTER 26 ONE PLAYER PER INFINITE I? Back to the Table of Contents infinite:Question: Is  an  Infinite  I limited  to  having  only  one  Player  representing  it  in  the Human Game? Answer: I can’t say for sure, of course, but probably not. Think about it this way…. An  Infinite  I has  infinite*  power,  infinite*  joy,  infinite  wisdom,  infinite  abundance, infinite* love, and  an infinite desire to play and express itself creatively. I can’t imagine, with the infinite* number of games to play in an infinite universe, an Infinite* I would limit…

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CHAPTER 25 ARE WE ALL ONE? Back to the Table of Contents Bleep:Question: Don’t  What  the [Bleep]  Do We  Know? and  The Secret and many  other “new age” philosophies say “we are all one”? In fact, doesn’t quantum physics say “we are all connected,” and haven’t some of the recent experiments proven that? Haven’t we been told if a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil, it can set off a tornado in Texas?1 Answer: Yes, yes, yes… that’s what we’ve been told. But is any of it really true? First…

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CHAPTER 24 THE “EARTH ENVIRONMENT” TEMPLATE Back to the Table of Contents EARTH ENVIRONMENT” TEMPLATE:Question: If we don’t share one big common hologram, how can you and I go out at night  and  see  the  same  stars,  or  watch  the  same  movie,  or  see  the  same  people?  How could  someone  else  agree  with  me  so  much  on  what  we  call  “reality”  unless  we  were actually seeing the same thing? Answer:  The  answer  to  that  depends  on  how  you  view  “other  people”  in  your holograms, based on what we discussed in…

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CHAPTER 22 ONE BIG HOLOGRAM? Back to the Table of Contents BIG HOLOGRAM:Question: I thought that when we speak about a holographic universe, it means we were all part of one big hologram. Answer: That’s a very common misconception, but it simply can’t be true. If  neurophysiologist  Karl  Pribram  is  correct  when  he  says  the  human  brain  is  a holographic receiver and translator… “The brain is itself a hologram… which mathematically constructs ‘hard’ reality by  relying on input from a frequency domain.”1 …then there cannot be one big hologram. If…

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CHAPTER 21 ON BECOMING A BUTTERFLY Back to the Table of Contents BUTTERFLY:So why doesn’t my  Infinite  I simply download a healthy holographic body for me and take this pain away? It could; I know that. But that’s not the point of the transformation in the cocoon. It’s all about the process, and my process is not over yet. That’s why I don’t want my Infinite  I to take my pain away until I’m finished. I  have  run Robert’s  Process hundreds of  times  on  this  body egg  over  the  last…

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CHAPTER 20 WHO AM I? Back to the Table of Contents Pacific Ocean:Finally I have the opportunity to tell you how I feel standing where I am, looking at the Pacific Ocean, close to emerging from my cocoon as a butterfly. For  me,  life  is  full  of  excitement,  joy,  amazement,  appreciation,  fun,  laughter, surprises, fulfillment, relaxation, and especially peace of mind. I don’t worry about anything  any more,  particularly money.  I know with  certainty from direct experience of testing and challenging the model that my Infinite I will provide everything…

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CHAPTER 19 FEAR Back to the Table of Contents fear:Inside  the  movie  theater,  I  prided  myself  on  not  being  afraid  of  anything,  or  not much at least. Talking dolls in horror movies were one big exception. For some reason it scared the crap out of me when a plastic doll’s head would turn, its mouth would open, and it would speak. Freaked me out. Once I got inside my cocoon, I had to be honest that  I was, and had always  been, afraid of a lot of things. We all…

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CHAPTER 18 RESISTANCE Back to the Table of Contents resistance:After  more  hours upon  hours  of spiritual  autolysis,  I  wrote  something  else  that  is true: What you resist persists. I think I first heard that from L. Ron Hubbard – one of his “genius” moments as a scout many years ago – before others started saying it, and before he got lost on his way. So it is not something I came up with; but I did test it, and I did find it to be true. In  searching  the  Internet,…

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CHAPTER 17 BELIEFS & OPINIONS Back to the Table of Contents beliefs:Dr.  Bruce  Lipton  began  his  scientific  career  as  a  cell  biologist.  He  received  his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville before joining the Department of Anatomy  at  the  University  of  Wisconsin’s  School  of  Medicine  in  1973,  where  his research  on  muscular  dystrophy  focused  on  the  molecular  mechanisms  controlling  cell behavior.  In  1982,  Dr.  Lipton  began  examining  the  principles  of  quantum  physics  and how they might be integrated into his understanding of the cell’s information processing systems. In…

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CHAPTER 16 JUDGMENT Back to the Table of Contents judgment:After hours upon hours of spiritual autolysis, I finally wrote something that is true: Judgment is the source of all pain and suffering. This might only be true for me, but I doubt it. If you’re like I, and many other people, you’ve had a personal experience confirming this truth you might not have recognized…. Have  you  ever  thought  you  cut  yourself  with  a  sharp  knife,  maybe  while  slicing vegetables, but you weren’t sure; so you  stopped slicing and took a…

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DETACHING & “DESIRELESSNESS” DESIRELESSNESS:I said in the last chapter that “detachment isn’t always just from the things we don’t want or like, but also from the things we want and love.” That may sound like you have to forsake everything in order to become a butterfly, which would make becoming a butterfly a lot less attractive to many people. But it’s not true. So let me explain “detachment” a little more; and, as usual, let’s first look at what “detachment” is not…. “Detachment,” sometimes called “non-attachment” or “desirelessness,” is a…

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spiritual-autolysis:On  average  about  a  year  into  your  cocoon  time,  based  on  the  many  successful results  of  your  first-hand  experiences  using  Robert’s  Process,  you  will  know  with certainty  there  is  no  “out  there”  out  there;  that  your  3D  holographic  total  immersion movies aren’t real; that your  Infinite I is creating all your experiences for you, down to the smallest detail; that you cannot be a victim of anyone or anything at any time; that if you  feel  any discomfort,  it  is  solely the  result  of  your  reactions  and  responses  to your…

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HALVES MODEL:Before we go on, I want to make sure I’m not confusing you with too many mixed metaphors and analogies (and there are more on the way!). For example, we just said the Human Game was divided into two halves. How does that line up with the Movie Theater and Butterfly metaphors? The  first  half  of  the  Human  Game  –  going  deeper  and  deeper  into  limitation  and restriction,  with all  the drama  and conflict  and pain  and suffering – would be Stages 1 and 2 of a butterfly (the…

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