Another Way to Sense Your World


C H A P T E R   2   Another Way to Sense Your World   World :The Flexibility of Perspective  Despite the habitual tendency to look out from your head, it is actually quite simple to move the point where your perspective originates from. Some have suggested that dyslexics have an unusually flexible perspective that moves so freely that, in a sense, they can see words on a page from both the front and back. As a result, they can see letters in their usual order and also…

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CHAPTER  X THE  EIGHTFOLD  PATH  OF  KNOWLEDGE KNOWLEDGE:In this chapter is described the jnanamarga (the path of Knowledge) which leads to Self-Realization through realization that the Supreme is One and Indivisible. Detailed description of the phases of jnana ashtanga (the eightfold path of Knowledge) such as yama and niyama is beyond the scope of this small work. Exhalation in this path means giving up the two aspects of name and form, of body and world. Inhalation is taking in (grasping) the sat (being), chit 40 Words of Grace (consciousness), ananda…

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