2 Chronicles-God desires loyal people-Solomon rules *Israel

About this book

A Bible text and commentary on the Book of 2 Chronicles. Written by Ian Mackervoy. November 2010. In 2 parts:

The two books of Chronicles were one book ­until there was a translation into the *Greek language. The men who translated the book divided it into two. This was because the length of it would fit more easily on two *scrolls. That ancient translation is called the Septuagint; its date is about 280 *BC.

We do not know who wrote the book of Chronicles. But the writer lived after the *exile. Probably he lived at the same time as Ezra. This was in the 5th century *BC.

The purpose

The *Israelites had come back to their country after 70 years in *exile. The writer wanted to encourage them. He wanted to give them hope for the future. So, in his book, he showed how the *LORD was in control through all their history. And now the *LORD had brought them back to their own country. The *LORD wanted them to rebuild his *temple and to serve him. Then the *LORD would establish again the *kingdom called Israel. This *kingdom would include people from all 12 *tribes of Israel.


This second book continues the history of Israel through the rule of King Solomon. It carefully describes how Solomon built the *temple. Israel split into two *kingdoms during the rule of Solomon’s son, Rehoboam. Two *tribes accepted Rehoboam as their king. They became the *kingdom called Judah. The other 10 *tribes refused to accept Rehoboam as their king. They became the *kingdom called Israel. This book records the history of Judah until the time of the *exile in Babylon. It finishes with the return of the *Jews to Jerusalem after the *exile.

(The notes at the start of our commentary on 1 Chronicles explain more about the books.)

The structure of 2 Chronicles


Solomon rules *Israel


The start of Solomon’s rule


Solomon builds the *temple


Preparations for the *temple 2:1-18
Construction of the *temple 3:1-4:22
The *dedication of the *temple 5:1-7:22

Solomon’s *kingdom


What Solomon did 8:1-18
The fame and wealth of Solomon 9:1-31

The *Kingdom called Judah


The division of the *kingdom


The rulers of Judah


Rehoboam 12:1-16
Abijah 13:1-14:1a
Asa 14:1b-16:14
Jehoshaphat 17:1-20:37
Jehoram 21:1-20
Ahaziah 22:1-9
Athaliah 22:10-23:21
Joash 24:1-27
Amaziah 25:1-28
Uzziah 26:1-23
Jotham 27:1-9
Ahaz 28:1-27
Hezekiah 29:1-32:33
Manasseh 33:1-20
Amon 33:21-25
Josiah 34:1-35:27
Jehoahaz 36:1-4
Jehoiakim 36:5-8
Jehoiachin 36:9-10
Zedekiah 36:11-16

The *exile


Solomon rules *Israel – 2 Chronicles 1:1-9:31

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